For projects that require bespoke devices, we have years of experience working with several hardware manufacturers that can build those devices for you. Technologies developed on the sensor side include - Pulse, 4-20mA / 0-10V outputs, Modbus, Hall Effect, Ultra Sound and Piezoelectric sensors.

Smart Homes

Upgrade Your Home with Smart Home Sensors for Improved Efficiency and Security.

  • Monitor and Optimise Electricity Usage
  • Open Window or Door detection
  • Smart Smoke detector
  • Air Quality Monitor
  • Water Leak Detector
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Smart Buildings

Discover How Smart Building Sensors Revolutionize the Way You Monitor and Control Your Space.

  • Monitor ​Meeting room usage
  • Smart Pest Control
  • Access Control
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Asset Tracking

  • Track your Assets using an option of Technologies
  • Visualise their real-time location on your mobile device or PC
  • Create Geo-Fencing with triggers upon entry or exit
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Bespoke Devices

The Connected Works collaborates with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to develop bespoke IoT devices, engaging in a comprehensive process encompassing requirements identification, design, technology selection, security implementation, and testing.

This partnership ensures the seamless integration of hardware and software components, aligning with client objectives and industry standards for customized IoT solutions.